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Being an actor, has always parralleled with teaching and now coaching actors.

After getting a university degree in the U.S.A. B.A.(Bachelor of Arts) in Theatre from the University of Colorado, in Boulder CO., where he was the student of british playwright Arnold Wesker, he plays in repertory theatre plays (Shakespeare, Tchekhov). He then follows the school of Mime Theatre and Movement with Jacques LECOQ in Paris (75-77).

VThen comes the discovery of less conventional thatrical forms:
He performs his own one man show performances on tour: « Les pieds collés ».

Nader Farman experiences range from works with street theatre, burlesque, clown to collaboration as writer / actor for cinema.
He appears in tv films and series and plays in several long features among whichTrois couleurs – Rouge by K. Kieslowski, Signé Renart by Michel Soutter, Quand on sera grands by Renaud Cohen. He also at one point created his own café théâtre : « Le P’tit New ».

Theatre coach

In the beginning of the 80’s he launches his « workshops ».

Through them his approach is to awaken the actor’s own potential to play and create his/her own poetic theatricality, defining a personal style.
The themes of these workshops appear as if they were dramatic territories to explore.
They are clowns, bouffons, the imaginary world of masks, slapstick, characters, Greek tragedy, as well as the relationship between movement and text in realistic play.

At the core of this work is the notion that the body is potentially able to mirror by imitation an infinite variety of sensations and movements. These will fuel the imagination and the pleasure of the actor/actress when they create the illusion of theatre. The key quality is simply to make oneself available for this process.

These workshops led Nader to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Ukraine, Germany, Holland and the United States and each time the encounters renewed the quest.

Parrallel to that, he trained in somatic development with François Combeau- practician and trainer in Feldenkrais Method.
The eyes, the touch, the breath are at the center of a structured and efficient physical training approach to meet the challenges of moving and acting on stage.

He has been teaching at the Conservatory in Geneva, at the dramatic art academy in Kiev, Ukraine, the Higher School of the Arts in Utrecht, Artez in Arnhem, the Toneel Academie in Maastricht, L’Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris, the University of Colorado, Boulder Co. De Kleine Academie in Brussels, and gives coaching and workshops.

He has also formed and trained the Cliniclowns in the Nederlands and in Germany, the Visite clowns.
He worked as coach and director for numerous theatre companies which sometimes met a vast public success, namely with the swiss group KKG (Karl’s Kuhne Gassenschau) from Zürich, and with the dutch group Vis a Vis (with the play DRIFT).

More recently he followed a year long course in scenography at the LEM Laboratoire d’Etude du Mouvement in Paris.
He is presently performing his one man performance « A Time for Silence » directed by Carlos Traffic.

Stau - Traffic

Nader Farman
director and co-author

The Press On STAU in 1998 and 2000:

…’…’The story is simple. In the beginning, God created the earth and life and everything was orderly, square and angular. Then came the devil that brought the circle, the chaos, the wheel, and the temptation of the forbidden fruit. And so, mankind developed like an automobile creature. Suddenly, on an imaginary highway, occurs an imaginary traffic jam, which becomes a world catastrophe. Six cars, including one with a trailer get stuck in this jam. The drivers of the cars are also the protagonists of the play. ‘. . .Never have the KKG (Karl’s Kuhne Gassenschau) been so innovative, so humoristic. It is breath taking. This play is a fury’.’.

(Sonntag’s Blick, 15/08/98)

…Genial idea…It is a farce about despair that takes the « daring » on a merciless course. A crazy finale will catapult them in a new world. Saved ! With this approach, creativity on stage becomes almost endless… A rarely successful mix between a show and a play.
 STAU is a real hit. The public is thrilled.’

(Tagblatt – Zürich – 24/08/98)

…much better than a James Bond film

(Tages Anzeiger – 22/08/98)

…Stunning ! Of what seven people, seven cars and a powerful crane are capable of ! The public laughs to tears

(Berner Zeitung 13/06/98 )

the company reaches success on the widest scope. Not only is their staging inventive but they also present us with choreography, stunning artistic fiets, and refined technical effects. A theatrical event which is heart taking, comical, ironical and mean, but deeply tragic-comic. It is a brilliant and incredibly entertaining play. A piece that will transport you far away from the daily traffic jams. No luxury limo would do it as well. It is exceptional and simply inimitable.

(Der Bund, – Bern, June 98)


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