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The theatre workshop

A creative space

The proposed teaching allows the student to discover essential elements of theatrical play.

The student is invited, through practice, to explore simple questions such as :
What is an actor ?
How to find the game of acting and the fun to play with one’s partner ?
What are the laws of the theatre ?
How to discover or verify them ?

The way in which these questions are put in the workshops is meant to involve and provoke the students in a personal process, through which they shall confront themselves to find their own true qualities.
The themes of these workshops are :
The clown – mask play – the bouffons – caharacters – realistic play..

To each one of these corresponds a specific approach to the actor’s play, which relates to the great dramatic styles.

These workshops are relatively short (2 to 4 weeks).
They are intensive (4-5 hrs a day).

on the programme

With a professional experience of 35 years, I propose an approach to the game of the actor, that rests on a pedagogy where the student becomes the actor of his/her own parcours.

It is a « journey » where in built ideas, habits, and inhibitions will be challenged in order to bring out and develop the artistic and creative abilities of each one.

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