Frequently asked questions

1 - Is it open for everybody ?

Yes, for anyone who is led by curiosity, an essential ingredient for creation.
The work rests on one’s ability to ask oneself questions more than finding answers.

2 - Do you need to be experienced?

That depends on what you mean by experience. What matters is the mind openness, and to be available.
For some, experience will help becoming available, for others it may get in the way. The workshop will provide an opportunity to verify this.

3 - Is there a connection between all the workshops ?

Even if the themes are different, it is the same approach of the person.

4 - Do the participants who want apply need to pass an audition or interview ?

No, the workshop is there to explore the art of acting and theatre.
An audition is made to select.
There is no selection.

5 - How do you sign up for the workshop ?

To contact the phone N° or send an email here.

6 - Do we work with texts and scenes from written plays ?

Yes in some workshops.

7 - what do you exactly mean by improvisation ?

It is an approach hat requires you to be availble, to yourself , to others and to the pleasure of playing.
The improvisation themes are carefully chosen and adjusted to the needs of the work.


Nader Farman - Farmaian

Mobile : +32 495 46 34 67